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CNG Kit Types

In India 3 Types CNG Conversion Kits available for Sale and to convert vehicle to CNG - Open Loop / Close Loop (known as Conventional Kits) and Sequential CNG Kits

If your Car Make is 2009 and Onwards - in most likely scenario - Sequential CNG Kits are considered superior and are Compatible. Pre 2009 Cars - basis Car Model & Engine Type has both Conventional and Sequential Kits recommended

Sequential CNG Kits are by far superior :- 

  • Better Pickup in Sequential Kits as CNG injector are separate and Petrol Injectors are Separate
  • Almost No Performance Tuning is Required with Sequential Kits as ECM Controls Supply and Injectors do not Conflict with Petrol Injectors
  • Delivers Better Fuel Mileage with Easy Maintenance as Scanning Done through Computer for Future Troubleshoot & Performance Optimization
  • A Right Sequential CNG Kit does not lead much to the Wear & Tear of Engine

CNG Fitment leads to only few Percentage Performance Loss. However Engine Life Remains Same after installation of Sequential CNG Kits

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