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CNG Kit Installation

Where to Install CNG Kits

Go only to Government Authorized CNG Stations and get Sequential Italian CNG Kit Installed. The Sequential Injection kits needs expertise fitment and go only with Authorized Fitment center. We CNG Kits Noida have vast experience of installation of Sequntial CNG Kits and are fovernment approved RFC-10

There are Duplicates available at un-authorized Center. Do not fall in Trap of Sub Standard Duplicate Quality - causing more harm to your car engine and its performance and life of car

Also, ensure to get the endorsement done in Insurance and RC post Installation of CNG Kit Fitment. Do note that - Fitment of CNG Kit can lead to warranty been void from Manufacturer but saving on fuel is much more than cost of engine of car


Tips Before Installation of CNG Kits

  • Go with a Government Authorized Professional and Experienced Installer. Also go with a Reputed CNG brand for Peace of Mind Ownership. Spending Couple of thousands more with an Experienced CNG Fitment Center is well spend on car worth Lakhs
  • Make sure tank is correctly installed and the hole made for gas pipe is professionally done
  • Do not let them tear your carpet and spare wheel cover. Ensure professional Installation in front of you
  • Don't let installer mess with throttle body. They are known to spoil the throttle body sensor. Ensure that Fitter is not a novice
  • Tank needs to be certified every 3 years, check for Service every 6 months

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