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CNG as a Economical Fuel

CNG is Available in All Parts of Delhi & NCR on CNG Filling Stations. CNG Rates Per KG are between Rs.38 to Rs.45 Only. However Petrol Cost from Rs.68 to Rs.80 Per Litre

Mileage on One Liter Petrol of a Car =  15 KM (General)
Then Mileage of Car on CNG = 15 + 20% = 18 KM/KG

Cost Difference = Rs. 20 Per Unit (35% Extra Saving on Fuel )& 20% Extra on Mileage makes it about 55% Extra KM on same expense on Fuel

Hence CNG is an Economical Fuel and can saves up to 55% Fuel Cost when you Drive a car on CNG. 

If you run 50 KM Per Day you can save Rs.3000 per Month on Fuel and if you run 100 KM Per Day you can Save Rs.6000 Per month on fuel cost

You Cost of CNG Kits shall be return you back in fuel saving in few month only. Install today the best CNG kits in your car and make 
  • Saving on Fuel
  • Saves Life & Environment
  • Participate in Breath Healthy & Feel Healthy Movement by CNG Kits Noida

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